Sharing your wardrobe for special events


Remember those days as a teen, when already then you thought you didn’t have anything to wear…back then I used to love exchanging clothes with my girlfriends. We always thought the other person had the best clothes! And I also loved and still love going through my mom’s things. It was such a great way to update your wardrobe, without constantly buying new things.

Last weekend I went to a wonderful winter wedding in Budapest! It was a much awaited event and of course my main question over these past month was: what do I wear for a winter wedding? The theme was Cocktail/ Black tie. How many times do I attend an event like this, pretty much never. The last „summer“ wedding was three years ago and Berlin is not the place for many fancy events. So I didn’t want to spend a huge amount on a cocktail outfit and I wanted something that I could wear again on a more simple occasion.

I tried to get some inspiration in the shops, but couldn’t really find anything right for me. I then decided to have a look in my mothers wardrobe.  And I did hit the jackpot with two outfits (townhall and evening). So I spent ZERO money. Not one cent. The two outfits are mixed with jewellery from past travels, timeless heals which were hiding in my closet, a clutch that will go with both outfits (less baggage)!

My point is, before you get super frustrated, because A you don’t want to spend too much money for one event, B you can’t find anything you like within your budget, start asking your close girlfriends or family if you could borrow something from them. And even if they may not be your size, their wardrobe could nevertheless give you inspiration and new ideas. Just a pair of shoes or a skirt can help lead the way to completing the look with something you own in your wardrobe or something you could easily find in a store. So don’t get too focused on buying a whole new outfit and see if you can borrow and collect from your friends and family first!

Here are a few tips how to find your perfect outfit for a special event without spending too much or at all:

  • take out all your „fancy“ pieces, shoes and accessories. Lay them out.
  • choose the piece or accessory you would like to wear again or work around with.
  • contact friends or family who could let you have a peek in their wardrobe in order to find new inspiration, ideas, or even finding the missing piece. They could even lend you a whole outfit!
  • shop for the missing piece if necessary, but think how you could wear it on other occasions as well.
  • complete your look and enjoy the party!