My styling services are for men as well

When I get contacted by a potential male client, they always ask me first if I do styling for men as well and the answer is yes of course! I want to give you gentlemen styling ideas, tips and tricks and teach you how to create a simple classic/ elegant or a cool casually dressed wardrobe. Fashion for men is just as exciting for me and I love the challenge of finding the right personal look for you, may it be for your work/ business or daily wear. My goal is for you to quickly be able to grab something out of your wardrobe each morning, without any fashion faux pas!

With my personal styling service, I will show you how with a basic casual or business wardrobe, you can add your own little punch to your outfits. Accessorize your outfits with subtle but cool details, e.g. coloured/printed socks, pocket square, and so on.., but there are so many more ways to personalize your classic look. Contact me and we can discuss how we can enhance your style!