Personal Style Consultant Berlin

Redefine and express your own unique style.

“Miriam Robinson is a fashion forward expert, but her down to earth and warmness put this non-shopper at ease, even when gently urging me to try things out of my comfort zone.
She took the stress out of shopping and introduced me to new ways to wear classic pieces that really updated my look. I felt a body acceptance I hadn´t felt since my 20s and felt good in clothes for the first time in a long time…”


Quality basics are the backbone of any good wardrobe

I will come to your home and help you to evaluate and organize your current closet. We’ll start by assessing the fit and condition of the clothes you already own. Next I’ll show you new ways to combine your favourite pieces to create fresh looks. Finally, I’ll recommend new clothing to integrate into your existing wardrobe to make the most out of your current collection.


I can’t recommend Miriam enough! She visited my home 2 weeks ago and it’s amazing how many compliments I have received from friends on how I look since. I now have photos of all my outfits hanging in my bedroom making getting dressed in the morning a breeze. I no longer look at my clothes and feel uninspired. It’s amazing what a new (and professional) perspective can do. Every cent was worth it - and definitely saves money in the long run (no, I don’t need another grey sweater).

Personal Shopping

Identify your own unique style

We’ll begin with a meet and greet over coffee to discuss your personal style goals. We’ll chat over your preferences, the look you want to achieve, your favorite shops or designers, and your budget. Once I’ve got an overview of your personal style, we’ll hit the streets.Together we’ll use my extensive knowledge of Berlin’s retailers to efficiently select and try on new clothing, with a focus on mixing and matching brands and designers to create your own unique look.


I was stuck in a rut until I met Miriam, she improved my look, gave me my confidence back, taught me how to shop and actually save money. I will recommend her to anyone who wants to feel and look great!

Sam, Educator and Mom

Be effortlessly chic for any occasion

Do you need to look your best for an upcoming special event? Let me help you to find the perfect outfit, no matter what your budget. Let’s collaborate and create the right look for that job interview, wedding, or party. Together we’ll choose everything you need, including clothing, accessories, shoes, and even hair and makeup.


" Miriam is a fantastic personal shopper. She has a wealth of experience in styling for people on TV and this reflects in her contemporary fashion sense and styling know-how. I wouldn't have dared looked into some of the shops she took me to, or tried on some of the clothes she suggested, but when I did, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted with the outfits she helped me choose to buy. Her personal shopping service really gave me a lot more confidence in my body and myself. I highly recommend Miriam if you need some fashion inspiration and a confidence boost! "

Emma Johnson

Being a new mother never looked so effortlessly stylish

As a mother of three myself, I thought
it would only be appropriate to create a
selection of services catering to all the new
moms. We all know how challenging it can
be to look good during that transitional first
year of motherhood, when your body is in
a constant state of change and turmoil and
your time to get ready every morning is
nearly nonexistent. If you’re dying to donate
those maternity clothes but you aren’t quite
ready to return to your pre-pregnancy
wardrobe, these services are for you.


I’m not the type of person who you’d typically imagine would seek out a personal stylist. 30-something working Mama – time poor and happy if I manage to get to the office in an outfit that doesn’t have a penguin sticker, toothpaste or sticky fingerprints on it – legacy of my “morning commute”. I like shopping; I like fashion, but those things somehow got relegated to a past life and Pinterest sessions late at night when I should have been asleep.

Post-kids I’d lost confidence in my ability to shop. My body had changed. I’d changed and if I’m being honest, I no longer had the disposable income to make clothes shopping an enjoyable pastime. Talking to a stylist seemed like an extravagance that would only lead to heartache.

Miriam came to my house, had a look at my Pinterest musings and shopped my wardrobe. In the gentlest and most supportive way, we threw out clothes I’d been holding onto for too long and created a list of “basics” that were missing. We found outfit combinations that I would never have put together and I now have a plan of what to shop when I’m ready.
Can only imagine that shopping with Miriam in a real shop and not just my wardrobe would be equally – no much much more – rewarding.


Looking to make a better impression at your workplace?

Putting together a work outfit that’s stylish and comfortable every day of the week is no easy task. Let’s create an entire wardrobe with just a few key pieces that can be mixed & matched easily and effortlessly. Discover how we can transform some of your pieces that you thought were unsuitable for work into an impressive business outfit. Look amazing for any work related occasion (interviews, conferences, networking events, etc...) and dress for success!

This service can be tweaked to your need: a wardrobe check, a shopping session or just a shopping list! If you’ve scheduled a professional photo shoot, I will help you find the perfect outfit and even attend the shoot to make sure everything sits right.
Tell your colleagues about my service and you can all profit from a special company discount!
Please contact me for more information.

Personal Shopper Berlin


Warum nicht einen Gutschein für ein “Personal Shopping” oder eins meiner anderen Angebote (siehe Kontakt)?


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