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How to create a sustainable wardrobe

7. March 2024

How do you create a sustainable wardrobe and find your authentic style! The most important thing is to have order and clarity in your wardrobe. Which also means a good overview of what you possess and ideally only keep things you will wear on your free time and for work (if they are separate). I want to help you create a coherent wardrobe that reflects your work and…

My personal styling voucher

25. January 2024

Would you like to gift your loved ones with a styling voucher? My gift voucher is a wonderful and personal present and will guarantee an unforgettable experience. You can gift a wardrobe check or personal shopping, or we can create a personalized styling package together. Just give me a call or email me and we will discuss the rest. If you wish, I will send you my voucher…

Wardrobe Check- part 7

19. October 2023

Once again, this was a fabulous wardrobe check and my client was kind to share with us her new styles that we created with what she had in her wardrobe. She is a working mom, travels for her job quite often, so her brief to me was to have a fierce yet simple, sophisticated and slightly edgy style, that she can wear anywhere and anytime. We first assessed…

Timeless Classics: the Blazer

27. September 2023

The Blazer is one of my favourite staple pieces and a must in a wardrobe. This wonderful piece of clothing, will give us a sophisticated, polished look and the confidence, be it for work or private. You may own several blazers in your wardrobe, that you have kept over decades or just a few years. You might also have them in different colours, fabrics and shapes, but very…

Personal Shopping for mens A/W 23

25. September 2023

A rare glimpse of myself during a personal shopping session! Thank you Mikhail for snapping this fun photo together!! First time we met was for spring/summer of this year and this time we tackled autumn/ winter. Again, we were looking to find simple pieces that he could effortlessly mix and match. (You can read his review on my testimonial page) This time I took him to Arket where…

Timeless Classics: the winter coat

22. September 2023

I love the change from summer to autumn/ winter! The air is getting crisp and its time to reorganize my wardrobe to fit the new season. The cold season is all about good basics and staple pieces, which is why the winter coat is an absolute essential every autumn/winter. Even if you have a day where you might not be completely convinced of your outfit, your coat will…

Wardrobe Check- part 6

20. June 2023

There are many reasons why a wardrobe check is such an amazing service and a valuable experience. Many of my clients are so overwhelmed of just how much stuff they have accumulated over the years, with their closet litereally filled with clothes bought or given over time and decades… A wardrobe check will not only help you declutter, but you will also have some fun learning about your…

Timeless Classics- The Breton Top

16. June 2023

How can I not mention this #timeless fashion piece: The breton Top Since this stripy top was designed for the french navy in the 19th century, little did their designers know that these iconic horizontally striped tops will become one of fashions most beloved and popular classic piece of clothing throughout the decades. It’s been worn by every celebrity and artist, re- interpreted by all fashion designers and…

Timeless Classics- The white Shirt

15. June 2023

How to style a white Shirt I would love to talk about one of my ultimate favorite #timeless fashion pieces: The white Shirt  For decades the white shirt has been one of the most iconic piece of clothing and we can agree that it’s a must in your wardrobe. An absolute wardrobe staple. The elegance and chic’ness of a white shirt will not fail you! Its one of…

Wardrobe Check part 5

24. April 2023

I’m so grateful to receive the photos my clients have taken during our wardrobe check session and being able to show of them to you. This client had a closet full of wonderful pieces, so we really focused on the ones she was not sure about styling… whether they were worth keeping or not and if they were possible to mix and match for daily use. There was…

Style break-Skilfully combine fashion

20. April 2023

This is always a very exciting topic for me: mixing different styles and style eras together. While I go through my clients closet, I often notice the same “pattern”: There is a lot to work with, many different styles are present and yet the dilemma of my client stays the same: What goes with what, what to combine with what, how do I want to present myself without…

Wardrobe Check part 4

29. March 2023

I know this sounds familiar to you: You have a wardrobe full of clothes and feel you have nothing to wear. In this case, my client had a mix of different clothes, that she had bought second hand in flee markets and shops. Now, I find this fantastic, but often you end up buying many random things and have trouble to mix and match! My client felt overwhelmed…

Wardrobe Check part 1

27. March 2023

Last summer, I had a Wardrobe Check with a wonderful client, whose main problem was to create cool and fierce professional outfits with her current wardrobe. She had fantastic individual pieces and yet she didn’t quite have the inspiration how to mix and match them together. She kindly agreed to let me show you her “Powerlooks” that we have created during our session. We mixed simple, yet sophisticated,…

Wardrobe Check Part 3

24. March 2023

I am so delighted to share this wardrobe check session with you. I was ecstatic when I walked into her apartment, with all her amazing collection of accessories, handbags, jewellery, shoes, layed out for me. We had so much fun creating cute, simple and timeless outfits and we were able to figure out the perfect style for her. She had bought many different types of clothing and ended…

What are your Colours

14. March 2023

Most of my clients love the thought of wearing more colour, but lack either confidence or vision to implement it to their daily wardrobe. Defining the right colours for a client is an important part of my work. BUT I do strongly believe that we each are instinctively drawn to the right colour tones, and I have the proof every time I work with a client. Interestingly, I…

Fall/Winter Campaign 2020- UVR Connected Berlin

25. January 2023

Es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht, mit einem kleinen Team von sehr talentierten Frauen an der Herbst/Winter-Kampagne 2020 von UVR Berlin zu arbeiten. Star des Teams war die Fotografin Tiffany Chavez, die das Team zusammengebracht und das Konzept entwickelt hat. Hier sind einige Eindrücke der Kampagne. UVR_Sacha_Look4.3 UVR_Sacha_Look4.2 UVR_Sacha_Look3.3 UVR_Sacha_Look3.2 UVR_Sacha_Look3.1 UVR_Sacha_Look2.2 UVR_Sacha_Look2.1 UVR_Sacha_Look1.1

Jury member for the event “My Fashion Style 2019” at Lausitz Park Cottbus

25. January 2023

No Images Found! For the annual event “My Fashion Style” in the Lausitz Park Cottbus, I was invited as a jury member. The motto this year: “Make a T-shirt the star! Choose from several given motifs and design your own creation.” With two other jury members, we commented on the outfits and t-shirts of the candidates and chose the winner for the best outfit. A very nice experience!

Wardrobe Check part 2

11. January 2023

New year, new wardrobe!! Why is a wardrobe check so worth it? I think it’s the ultimate solution to falling back in love with your wardrobe and preventing you from buying the wrong pieces over and over again… Having your wardrobe re-organized means you know exactly what you posses and the key pieces that are missing. During our session, we will take photos of your new outfits, so…

Special Event Shopping- one jumpsuit, two occasions

9. January 2023

For my Special Event Shopping Service, my challenge is to help you find the perfect and most flattering outfit, that will give you the confidence to present yourself at your best! But the challenge I also like to give myself, is choosing an outfit that can be re- used for lots of other occasions or even better, to incorporate it to your daily casual outfits. My client, Silvia,…

How to shop during sales

3. January 2023

Winter or Summer Season has ended and the Sales have started in full swing! For many of us it is “the” moment to grab the pieces you have been eyeing the whole winter, but it is also a moment to binge shop and waste money on a lot of clothes you will probably never wear (or maybe once). I used to shop a lot a lot back in…

Collaborating with Maternity and Nursing Brand: NINE + QUARTER

8. February 2021

Throughout my career I have been incredibly lucky to meet inspiring people, whom many I’ve had the joy to work and collaborate with. Martina is one of those incredible women, a mother of two small kids, who felt it was her purpose and dedication to create easy-to-rock, low-maintenance maternity clothes for us women. By then I already had my three children, but had wished that throughout my pregnancies…

Denims- how to create the best look

18. December 2020

Who doesn’t like to slip into their comfy jeans most days!? The great thing is that today, any cut, shape and washing, can be found from small retail to highstreet brands. From the boyfriend, the girfriend, the skinny, the high rise or midrise (now back to lowrise, much to my dismay), the classic fit, to the straight leg, bootleg, flared, ankle length, regular length, you name it….there is…

Wardrobe Check- Finding simplicity in your style

16. December 2020

It took me many years to feel confident about my “simple and classic” style. Working in fashion, there is this pressure of having to look “overly” trendy and as unique and eccentric as possible. But that was never me and its not for most women. I know many women are looking for this simplicity, this french effortless styling, and my whole goal is to show them how it…

five questions to ask while shopping

10. October 2019

These are my 5 golden questions I recommend you ask yourself before choosing to buy something new. We may not all be able to afford fairtrade and sustainable fashion, and thats ok, but we can think twice before buying another pair of shoes or a shirt… Think about quality over quantity, solid timeless basics and how often you can mix and match your new purchase, in order to…

Create a Jumpsuit Optic with a tone on tone Outfit

27. May 2019

Most of us have been dying to find a cool jumpsuit or overall, right? And it’s so hard to find, as it usually doesn’t fit our body or it’s just way over our budget. So until you do finally find one that suits you, a nice and easy way to pull of a jumpsuit look is by pretending you’re wearing one…yes, really! Choose a Shirt/Blouse or T-Shirt that…

“Personal Shopper” my business featured in the february/ march Issue 2019 of HIMBEER

4. February 2019

I was very fortunate to have been featured in this very loving and popular magazine for families in Berlin, the Himbeer. Click on the link here for the online version: https://berlinmitkind.de/stadtleben/shopping/personal-shopping-mit-miriam-robinson/Personal Shopping Here the english version. 🙂 Miriam Robinson offers style consultancy for mothers For some, shopping is a highlight, for others it is pure stress. Especially for new mothers, the choice of clothes is often not an…

Personal Shopping in TK Maxx Berlin (2018)

4. October 2018

Today was a really successful personal shopping session with my client. She was generally looking for new ideas, inspiration for this fall and we didn’t want to limit ourselves with brands. TK Maxx is just the right place for all sorts of great finds! We found fabulous pieces that can be mixed and matched with each other and easy to add to her existing wardrobe. Sporty, elegant and…