Timeless Classics: the Blazer

The Blazer is one of my favourite staple pieces and a must in a wardrobe.

This wonderful piece of clothing, will give us a sophisticated, polished look and the confidence, be it for work or private.

You may own several blazers in your wardrobe, that you have kept over decades or just a few years. You might also have them in different colours, fabrics and shapes, but very often, when I have a wardrobe check with my client, I often notice that the blazer is often very outdated in terms of the fit and condition and just “hangs” in your closet without probably ever being worn again….

So its good to reassess the blazers you own and really see if they still go with everything and most importantly, does it still fit your body shape?

The fit and fabrication is such an important factor when purchasing a blazer: the length, the shoulders, the placement and choice of the buttons,

If I don’t see one in your closet, I will definitely gently recommend to purchase a classic blazer, preferably in black or navy blue, as you will have no trouble combining it with ANYTHING! Wear it with Jeans and a T-Shirt or some wide pants and a nice jumper, a dress, a skirt, etc etc…. it’s perfect for layering and perfect for your transitional wardrobe.

Miriam #theclotheslady