Wardrobe Check- part 7

Once again, this was a fabulous wardrobe check and my client was kind to share with us her new styles that we created with what she had in her wardrobe. She is a working mom, travels for her job quite often, so her brief to me was to have a fierce yet simple, sophisticated and slightly edgy style, that she can wear anywhere and anytime.

We first assessed each of her pieces, creating different piles (I have a system;)…. She shared with me the styles that she loves but has never worn (or maybe once) and the ones she just wasn’t sure about. In the end we managed to create a fantastic wardrobe, with so many great combinations!


During my wardrobe check session, we will declutter and rethink the entire content of your wardrobe, and during the process learn about your personal style. You will make new purchase decisions based on all the clothes you didn’t or hardly wore and focus on the missing pieces to complete your wardrobe.

We want to create a wardrobe that expresses your current lifestyle, but also adapts and evolves during all your transitions, leaving you feeling confident and happy now and in your future.

Book yourself or gift someone a wardrobe check session with me! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Here are some of our favourite looks, enjoy!