Wardrobe Check part 2

New year, new wardrobe!! Why is a wardrobe check so worth it? I think it’s the ultimate solution to falling back in love with your wardrobe and preventing you from buying the wrong pieces over and over again… Having your wardrobe re-organized means you know exactly what you posses and the key pieces that are missing. During our session, we will take photos of your new outfits, so that you can pin them to your wardrobe- all of this will save you time each morning!! Some items (or a lot), might have to go on a pile, but I promise you, you will feel lighter, inspired and literally refreshed! Get in touch!! yours, #theclotheslady

This btw, is a little insight of one of my wardrobe checks, with a lovely client I worked with last summer. She felt totally uninspired with what she owned and was totally thrilled with how much we ended up combining. In the end she realized she had so many amazing outfits to work with and hardly anything to add to her shopping list. 🙂