Timeless Classics- The white Shirt

How to style a white Shirt

I would love to talk about one of my ultimate favorite #timeless fashion pieces: The white Shirt 

For decades the white shirt has been one of the most iconic piece of clothing and we can agree that it’s a must in your wardrobe. An absolute wardrobe staple.

The elegance and chic’ness of a white shirt will not fail you!

Its one of those pieces, that is so versatile, so easy to combine and accessorize, and still creates a unique and classic look every time!

Many of my clients, forget that they even own a white shirt which is often hidden in the back of their closet.

Little did they realize that this simple shirt, will be an important key piece to their daily wardrobe!

Anyone can interpret their white shirt differently, even if just worn with a pair of jeans, it never fails to impress.

It’s also one of those pieces that you can throw on, literally for any occasion!



Dress it up or dress it down. Tuck it in or leave it out. Button up or button down. Layer it, accessorize it, knot it and most importantly, have fun styling this ultimate classic piece!

I hope you are on your way to look for your white shirt?! #theclotheslady

I have created a Pinterest Board with a few examples of how to style your white shirt for some inspiration.