Wardrobe Check part 5

I’m so grateful to receive the photos my clients have taken during our wardrobe check session and being able to show of them to you.

This client had a closet full of wonderful pieces, so we really focused on the ones she was not sure about styling… whether they were worth keeping or not and if they were possible to mix and match for daily use.

There was the super fitted “marine like” Blazer, that if not styled the right way, easily looked like she was working for a cruise company stewardess.

Or a very classic very white Blazer, that can also easily look too “lady like”.

Then the Kimono Jacket, that made her look frumpy and unproportionate when wearing it open as a jacket , but with a cool belt, made all the difference.

The beautiful tight skirt, that we dressed down and made it more edgy with some printed t-shirts.

The Vichy printed pink pants, that we also styled up to make it look more “cool”.

These are nice examples of “style breaking” outfits. If that something you would like to work on in your closet, then get in touch!! #theclotheslady