Style break-Skilfully combine fashion

This is always a very exciting topic for me: mixing different styles and style eras together.

While I go through my clients closet, I often notice the same “pattern”:

There is a lot to work with, many different styles are present and yet the dilemma of my client stays the same:

What goes with what, what to combine with what, how do I want to present myself without looking boring.

And more often, my clients stick to old fashion dictates:

Belt must match with the shoes, shoes with the handbags, colours must be 100% matched with each other, no black with dark blue, and the list goes on….


Nothing must officially go perfectly together anymore….yes really!!!

Although there must be a symbiosis with all the different pieces, a certain balance, you can theoretically combine almost everything together, BUT how can you make that work without looking too dressed up or like you’re trying too hard?

Just the something “unexpected” in an outfit, makes it exciting. And it can also be just a small detail.

It also tells us something about you!

Are you rather a classic, but also have something rebellious or playful in you….

Or you are a boho, hippy at heart, but still tend to be conservative/classic.

Or you are the sporty type,  but you like soft, romantic colors and prints….

These are just a few examples of bringing different character elements and express them into your daily outfits.

And here’s how:

  • Look for the contrast of different materials and prints, for lightness and balance
  • combine colours that are not necessarily all represented in the pattern of your pants or shirt.
  • Combine a classic piece with a more playful piece (e.g. elegant blazer with printed t-shirt and jeans)

Of course, this takes practice to break the habit. But that’s why I’m here to help, give you a new perspective and most of all, enjoz creating new combinations that reflect YOU!

Feel free to get in touch to learn more about my #wardrobecheck!

Yours, Miriam #theclotheslady

I have collected some style images on this topic on a pinterest board. Have a look!