Wardrobe Check part 4

I know this sounds familiar to you: You have a wardrobe full of clothes and feel you have nothing to wear. In this case, my client had a mix of different clothes, that she had bought second hand in flee markets and shops. Now, I find this fantastic, but often you end up buying many random things and have trouble to mix and match! My client felt overwhelmed and frustrated. Often its hard to find your style when you buy so many different things. I get it. You like this piece, and then you like that piece… but how will I put everything together?

This is the moment I get very excited about my work. My challenge to find a thread between all of these different clothes and trying to figure out my clients own style DNA. After going through all the pieces and accessories one by one, trying different looks, colour combinations, we quickly got into a flow and figured out the perfect style for her! We also managed to create a nice pile of clothes to donate/sell… 🙂 Here are some photos of my last session. #theclotheslady