SALES- a few questions to ask yourself before you buy!


Christmas is over and the Sales have started in full swing! For many of us it is “the” moment to grab the pieces you have been eyeing the whole winter, but it is also a moment to binge shop and waste money on a lot of clothes you will probably never wear (or maybe once).

I used to shop a lot a lot back in the days, because I work in fashion, love fashion and because shopping makes me super happy! We all know that feeling right? Luckily for me, these days are over. I have three children now and my priorities have totally changed, but even before that I started realizing that I had way too many unworn things in my wardrobe, which seemed such a waste on so many levels. So I’m now a strong believer in choosing well, buying less (all famous V.Westwood quote) and still feeling happy. I want to encourage my clients to do the same. When doing the sales,  shop on a relatively quiet weekday (if possible). I definitely feel you tend to buy more unnecessary things when the whole town is binge shopping and its total chaos/madness around you. You will have more time to think, before you buy when its relatively quiet around you.

So here are a few questions you can ask yourself when you’re standing in the shop with a garment/ shoes or accessory in your hand:

  1. Is it a timeless piece? I think that’s the most important question to ask myself. If we want to throw away and waste as little as possible, then regardless of the price and quality, see if this piece can be re worn in the next coming years…is it a good basic to have? Is it going to fit into any trend?
  2. With how many things can I combine it with in my existing wardrobe? Think of as many combos as possible in your head. The more, obviously the better.
  3. Would I have bought it at a full price? Sales is also the moment to find that “rare or beautiful” piece of clothing, but if you weren’t willing to pay the full price for it, often it will end up unworn in your closet for ever. I’m not talking about the gorgeous expensive coat or shoes, but often its the printed pieces, tops, dresses and evening wear….
  4. Do I have a similar piece? Do I?
  5. Is it going to give me pleasure every time I wear it? Will it lift up my mood? Give me confidence?
  6. Finally. Do I really need it? After leaving the shops, will I still cry over it and think and dream about it for weeks??? Hard to say in advance I guess. If I do decide to get it after a few days of crying over it and its not there anymore, then I keep telling myself it just wasn’t meant to be!!! Et voila!

Have fun sale shopping everyone!! And if you need someone to accompany you, you know where to book ;).