Collaborating with Maternity and Nursing Brand: NINE + QUARTER

Throughout my career I have been incredibly lucky to meet inspiring people, whom many I’ve had the joy to work and collaborate with. Martina is one of those incredible women, a mother of two small kids, who felt it was her purpose and dedication to create easy-to-rock, low-maintenance maternity clothes for us women. By then I already had my three children, but had wished that throughout my pregnancies and during those first years of baby craziness, I had more on-trend options that fitted and flattered my ever changing body. When she shared her business concept with me, I immediately wanted to be on board!

Collaborating with Martina just felt very natural and we hit it off immediately on all levels. Together we created comfy styles with an edge, easy rock-cool and retro-inspired designs with positive slogans and flattering colours. All styles are made from organic and other naturally sustainable fabrics that are gentle on the skin and of course leave a conscious and ethical footprint. As a personal style consultant I encourage my clients to wear styles that enhance their uniqueness, staying true to themselves and to wear clothes that are good quality and low maintenance, because lets face it, with kids, time is not on our side. So please check out Martina’s brand NINE+QUARTER and spread the love. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, where she shares great stories and funny anecdotes about motherhood all around pre – and post pregnancy life.


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