Create a Jumpsuit Optic with a tone on tone Outfit

Most of us have been dying to find a cool jumpsuit or overall, right? And it’s so hard to find, as it usually doesn’t fit our body or it’s just way over our budget. So until you do finally find one that suits you, a nice and easy way to pull of a jumpsuit look is by pretending you’re wearing one…yes, really! Choose a Shirt/Blouse or T-Shirt that matches the colour of your trousers/ or shorts (easiest is e.g. navy blue, beige, white or black, but denim is also a fun option), tuck the shirt in to your trousers completely and break the tone on tone look with a belt (or a colourful scarf). Accessorize it of course if you wish and wear a contrasted Blazer or Cardigan with your “pretend” jumpsuit! Enjoy and looking forward to hearing from you! yours, #theclotheslady