What are your Colours

Most of my clients love the thought of wearing more colour, but lack either confidence or vision to implement it to their daily wardrobe. Defining the right colours for a client is an important part of my work. BUT I do strongly believe that we each are instinctively drawn to the right colour tones, and I have the proof every time I work with a client. Interestingly, I often find that my clients have it all figured out for their interior! Sometimes, I’ll find my clients colour tones in an interior piece, like a pillow, a carpet or a painting. It’s lovely to see how they then realize that they actually know what tones are right for them, but they needed that push from an expert!

New phases in our lives also sometimes mean that the colour tones that looked amazing  in our 20‘s/30‘s, don’t necessarily look good on us in our 40‘s/50‘s. Its often during that transition that my clients are suddenly very unsure about their colour scheme. I often see this during my wardrobe check sessions. There is often a whole pot pourri in terms of colours, from pieces that date decades to the latest shopping spree. Skin tones, body or life events can change and influence our colour tones. And also trends play a big part on how we perceive colours. So its good to re-asses your colours, in terms of where you stand now as a person and how you want to feel and be seen at this stage of your life. #theclotheslady