How to find your own personal style

Every few years or decades we get to that stage, where our wardrobe doesn’t speak to us anymore. We find it bland, boring, not fitting to our current lifestyle. Finding a new personal style can be challenging, especially when going through a new phase in your life. It is an ongoing journey, with getthing older, changing jobs or careers, having children, gaining or loosing weight, changing gender, the list goes on.
My first advice is to keep your wardrobe as simple as possible. Timeless pieces and good quality clothes should be the backbone of your wardrobe. From there you can personalize your outfits with your accessoires or some of your staple pieces, to create your own unique personal style.

Here are a few steps on how to reach your styling goal.

1) Assess your current wardrobe- what are your go-to outfits

2) declutter, re-organize your wardrobe

3) take notes on what life phase you’re in right now

4) collect inpiration and identify what your ideal style is (pinterest is ideal for this)

5) note your favorite colours or create a colour palette, experiment (pinterest is ideal for this)

6) Create a shopping list

7) Before buying, try on different outfits

8) if you can’t do it on your own, schedule an appointment with me

yours, Miriam Robinson #theclotheslady