How to create a sustainable wardrobe

How do you create a sustainable wardrobe and find your authentic style! The most important thing is to have order and clarity in your wardrobe. Which also means a good overview of what you possess and ideally only keep things you will wear on your free time and for work (if they are separate). I want to help you create a coherent wardrobe that reflects your work and life status.

Most of my clients reach out because they are looking for a coherent, simple, classic wardrobe with some personal elements.

So how can this be achieved? I always recommend a wardrobe check first, where we assess together every piece of item that you own. It can be a daunting process, but what a relief when, at the end of our session we have not only got rid of a bunch of things but also defined your style, your colour preferences and what key pieces are missing.

You will save time and money and feel confident in your style!

Get in touch and we can discuss how we can work together.

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yours, Miriam Robinson #theclotheslady